Aquafine Watercolour 8ml

Aquafine offers brilliant, transparent, free-flowing watercolours ideal for students and hobbyists alike. All colours are traditionally manufactured in England, and stem from Daler-Rowney’s heritage as a world reference in watercolour since the 19th century when Rowney worked with Turner as his official lithographer. The full range of 37 Aquafine colours gives rich, free-flowing transparent colour, with excellent tinting strength and working properties. All colours can be used to produce beautiful and delicate washes.
Manufacturer: Daler Rowney
SKU: R-1311
  • 001 Chinese White
    001 Chinese White
  • 651 Lemon Yellow
    651 Lemon Yellow
  • 640 Gambodge
    640 Gambodge
  • 620 Cadmium Yellow (Hue)
    620 Cadmium Yellow (Hue)
  • 636 Rowney Orange
    636 Rowney Orange
  • 619 Cadmium Orange (Hue)
    619 Cadmium Orange (Hue)
  • 588 Vermilion (Hue)
    588 Vermilion (Hue)
  • 503 Cadmium Red (Hue)
    503 Cadmium Red (Hue)
  • 571 Scarlet Lake
    571 Scarlet Lake
  • 515 Alizarin Crimson
    515 Alizarin Crimson
  • 514 Crimson Lake
    514 Crimson Lake
  • 563 Rose Madder
    563 Rose Madder
  • 537 Permanent Rose
    537 Permanent Rose
  • 433 Purple
    433 Purple
  • 413 Mauve
    413 Mauve
  • 127 Indigo
    127 Indigo
  • 135 Prussian Blue
    135 Prussian Blue
  • 123 Ultramarine
    123 Ultramarine
  • 142 Pthalo Blue
    142 Pthalo Blue
  • 110 Cobalt Blue
    110 Cobalt Blue
  • 112 Ceruleum Blue
    112 Ceruleum Blue
  • 355 Leaf Green
    355 Leaf Green
  • 375 Sap Green
    375 Sap Green
  • 352 Hooker's Green
    352 Hooker's Green
  • 338 Emerald Green
    338 Emerald Green
  • 382 Viridian
    382 Viridian
  • 663 Yellow Ochre
    663 Yellow Ochre
  • 667 Raw Sienna
    667 Raw Sienna
  • 527 Light Red
    527 Light Red
  • 221 Burnt Sienna
    221 Burnt Sienna
  • 221 Burnt Sienna
    221 Burnt Sienna
  • 223 Burnt Umber
    223 Burnt Umber
  • 264 Vandyke Brown
    264 Vandyke Brown
  • 247 Raw Umber
    247 Raw Umber
  • 251 Sepia (Hue)
    251 Sepia (Hue)
  • 065 Payne's Grey
    065 Payne's Grey
  • 034 Ivory Black
    034 Ivory Black
  • 035 Lamp Black
    035 Lamp Black
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