Acrilex Aquarella Silk 60ml

Acrylic resin-based paint. Non toxic. Water-soluble. Ready to use. All colors con be intermixed. Wash-resistant. Indicated to natural fibers clear, delicate fabrics, cotton, silk. In synthetic fabrics, we recommend a previous test. Cold fixation.
Manufacturer: Acrilex
SKU: A-04560
  • 500 White Transparent
    500 White Transparent
  • 529 Ivory
    529 Ivory
  • 538 Skin Yellow
    538 Skin Yellow
  • 576 Carrot
    576 Carrot
  • 586 Coral
    586 Coral
  • 805 Burnt Guava
    805 Burnt Guava
  • 509 Carmin Red
    509 Carmin Red
  • 528 Lilac
    528 Lilac
  • 540 Cobalt Violet
    540 Cobalt Violet
  • 516 Violet
    516 Violet
  • 568 Cerulean Blue
    568 Cerulean Blue
  • 543 Ultramarine Blue
    543 Ultramarine Blue
  • 544 Marine Blue
    544 Marine Blue
  • 577 Turquiose
    577 Turquiose
  • 802 Apple Green
    802 Apple Green
  • 545 Olive Green
    545 Olive Green
  • 511 Banner Green
    511 Banner Green
  • 546 Pine Green
    546 Pine Green
  • 573 Golden Ocher
    573 Golden Ocher
  • 566 Peach
    566 Peach
  • 518 Salmon
    518 Salmon
  • 505 Gold Yellow
    505 Gold Yellow
  • 536 Cadmium Yellow
    536 Cadmium Yellow
  • 565 Wine
    565 Wine
  • 537 Rose
    537 Rose
  • 567 Tea Rose
    567 Tea Rose
  • 828 Tea Rose
    828 Tea Rose
  • 560 Caribbean Blue
    560 Caribbean Blue
  • 503 Heaven Blue
    503 Heaven Blue
  • 597 Bright Blue
    597 Bright Blue
  • 502 Cobalt Blue
    502 Cobalt Blue
  • 570 Pistachio Green
    570 Pistachio Green
  • 510 Leaf Green
    510 Leaf Green
  • 572 Avocado Green
    572 Avocado Green
  • 558 Bright Green
    558 Bright Green
  • 539 Natural Sienna
    539 Natural Sienna
  • 506 Ceramic
    506 Ceramic
  • 531 Brown
    531 Brown
  • 514 Burnt Earth
    514 Burnt Earth
  • 517 Orange
    517 Orange
  • 581 Cyclamen
    581 Cyclamen
  • 501 Dark Blue
    501 Dark Blue
  • 513 Moss Green
    513 Moss Green
  • 574 Moon
    574 Moon
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Schmincke Aero Color Liners are empty marker pens that can be filled with Schmincke Aero Color Professional Finest Acrylic Ink, which is a liquid acrylic paint, and used to draw lines of various widths on your painting. The tips are a solid felt that won’t dry out and go hard as long as the lid is replaced. So you can draw with real paint! The markers come in six different sizes of tips .8mm to 15mm. The different size tips each require a different size body to fit onto, so each body is a different size. The 1mm width tip comes with a regular length body (Liner No.2) or an extra short body length for fitting into a small space (Liner No.4). You can buy replacement tips if you wear yours out. The labels of the pens include a small blank block in which you can note the number of the colour you have filled it with.
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College® Linol 75 ml

This odourless and water soluble lino print colour is easy to use and thus offers an easy introduction to the technique of lino printing. The selected colours offer even printing results when used directly from the tube or mixed with each other, and are suitable for educational purposes as a result of the colour properties and the good value for money. The colour palette can be expanded extensively by mixing the colours. All colours can be mixed and combined with the Schmincke aqua lino print colours, as well as with aqua Lino mediums from the professional range. Thus, even beginners in linoprint can work with Schmincke colours and can achieve beautiful printing results.
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Georgian Water Mixable Oil 38ml

Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer artists the possibility of experiencing oil painting without the need for solvent-based mediums. An alternative to traditional oils, the balanced range of 40 vibrant colours can be thinned, mixed, and washed using water and as such is ideal for use indoors and in a classroom environment. All Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer high levels of lightfastness, pigment load, and durability. The viscosity and smooth texture of the colours out of the tube mirror traditional oil colours and can be used for impasto techniques, or thinned down with water they can create wash effects similar to watercolours. Surface-dry between 5 and 7 days, and no colour shift from wet to dry.
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