Ball Stylus kit 3pcs

Manufacturer: Sinoart
$3.42 incl tax
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Αtlantis Streched Canvas

Streched cotton/polyester canvas 280gr/m2 ,framed and ready to use .Universally primed with gesso. Depth of canvas framed 18mm.Ideal for all techniques.
$0.47 incl tax

Pottery tool set 8pcs

$10.27 incl tax

Clean up tool kit 11pcs

$11.56 incl tax

Κhadi Ιndia Paper A3 320gr

Khadi White Rag paper is made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. It is internally sized (with a neutral pH size) and surface tub sized with gelatine. This paper is acid free and made in India.
$1.77 incl tax