Britannia Watercolour 300 gr, HOT PRESSED

The stability and strength of this board offers excellent flatness when wet. The hard surface offers easy application of colour. Ideal for all wet painting techniques: watercolour – especially wet-in-wet painting, smooth wash and also dry painting – as well as lavis, gouache, tempera and acrylic. Natural white, acid free, lightfast and extremely age resistant.
Manufacturer: Hahnemuhle
€5.70 incl tax
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Matte Decorative Paint 37ml

Ideal to be applied on wood, pottery, plaster, polystyrene cork, leather, glass and Jet plastics, aluminum, brass and zinc, always for decorative purposes. Presented in 95 colors mixable among each other and specially selected for decorative painting techniques. It provides matte color finish. When diluted, it can be sanded to obtain patina or similar effects.
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Wax crayon set

Wax crayon set of 12 or 16 pcs.
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Plastic palette - 002

Plastic palette with 9 dwells, size 22x29 cm.
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Synthetic hair brush.Suitable for acrylic,gouache,watercolor,ink etc.
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