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Calligraphy set 2 Manuscript

Περιέχει 5 πένες, έναν κοδυλοφόρο και μεταλλικό κουτάκι αποθήκευσης πενών.
Manufacturer: Manuscript
SKU: ΜΑΝ-set2
$13.57 incl tax
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Refillable Brush Pen

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Sumi ink

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Fabriano Quadrato Artists Journal

Thread sewn journal made of 96 sheets, in 4 colours, of Ingres paper 90 g/m2 and black cover of Murillo 360 g/m2. Acid Free, lightfast colours. Ideal for drawing, charcoal, pastel, ink and as well for your every intellectual whim. The paper colours are the following: ghiaccio, bianco, avorio and gialletto. The Artist’s Journals are singularly shrinkwrapped.
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