Cappelletto Big Studio Easel CS-200

The Cappelletto CS-200 BIS is a very sturdy big studio easel 250 cm of oiled beech wood. Compared with other products in the same range, it is appreciated for its extensible centre pole that allows reaching a maximum height of 357 cm from the floor. Maximum width 60 cm. It is equipped with a unique spacers system that offsets the canvas for painting edge to edge. The easel inclination is adjusted by means of sculptured wooden sliding knobs.
Manufacturer: Cappelletto
SKU: CS-200
€210.00 incl tax

Weight: 12 kg   26.5 lbs

Base Dimension: 68×58 cm   27”x23”

Height: 200-255 cm   79”-100″

Max Canvas Height: 145 cm  57''

Shelf: 58×4,6 cm   23″x1,81″ (Capacity)

Distance of shelf from floor: 40-113 cm   16″-44,5″