Cappelletto Easel CL-22

The Cappelletto CL-22 is a lyre easel anti glare of oiled beech wood. The base dimension are 59×68 cm (23″x27″) and the height are adjustable from 165 to 230 cm (65″-91″). The height of the double canvas tray is controlled by a metallic rack system with fixing ratchet. It can hold canvases up to 130 cm (51″) high and 4,5 cm (2″) thickness. The larger lower tray is an excellent base for storing pencils, markers, colours, inks, brushes, knives, sponges. The whole unit consisting of centre pole-tray-painting lock system can be inclined forward through a back wing nut system. This system allows painting on the canvas with painting techniques that use much diluted colours and watercolours.
Manufacturer: Cappelletto
SKU: CL-22
€95.00 incl tax

Base Dimension: 59×68 cm   23″x27″

Height Max: 165–230 cm   65″-91″

Max Canvas Height: 130 cm   51″

Shelf: 48×4,5 cm   19″x2″ (Capacity)

Distance from floor: 33-105 cm   13″-41″