COPIC ciao set 5+1 Grey Tones

Σετ COPIC ciao 5 grey tones + 1 liner 0.3 mm
Manufacturer: COPIC
SKU: C-22075554
$31.86 incl tax
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College® Acrylic 75ml

College® Acrylic includes 36 colours and is a solid basic assortment for price-conscious users, without renouncing the proven Schmincke quality “Made in Germany”. The colours have a good opacity or translucence, depending on the individual pigmentation. They can be mixed well with each other and with all other Schmincke acrylic colours, dry quickly and are waterproof when dry. It is easy to learn how to mix colours with the three primary colours of yellow, magenta and cyan, and countless additional colours can be created to complement the palette.
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