Dammar varnish, matt

Final varnish for paintings in oil made from best white Palembang-dammar.Μatt; hardly yellowing; fast drying.
Manufacturer: Schmincke
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Acrilex Cracking Varnish 100ml

Appointed to the crease Matte Acrylic Paint, Metal Colors or Craft Paint, can be applied to pieces of plaster, wood, ceramic, metal, styrofoam, etc. Prepare to part with Gloss Decorative Paint, Metallic or Matte, color desired and let dry thoroughly. Apply a thin coat of varnish Crackle and wait 10 to 15 minutes (the varnish will not dry). Thin with a little water other color Matte Acrylic Paint (do not use metal or glossy in the second application) and apply with a soft brush, without passing twice in the same place and without glaze, but banking ink. The varnish will crease after drying, which takes an average of 24 hours. If desired, to accelerate the creaking with a dryer.
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Expandable Brush Case

Expandable, plastic brush and pencil case, diameter 5 cm, expands up to 37 cm to adjust to the objects stored in.
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La Vanche Series 3325

Βrush from Kollinsky hair.Suitable for watercolor,ink,acrylic and oil.
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