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Akademie Gouache 60ml.

The 30 fine AKADEMIE® Gouache colours in artist quality are perfect for beginners in gouache painting and suitable for art education due to their colour properties. The intense, even matt-drying water-based colours have a high opacity and very good mixing properties, they can also easily be rewetted. The attractive value for money of 60ml tubes is a further advantage of this high quality, uncomplicated gouache, which, of course, can be mixed and combined with all other Schmincke gouache series (HORADAM® GOUACHE and HKS® Designers' Gouache).
€4.70 incl tax

Gouache Set 18 pcs.

€5.90 incl tax

Simply Gouache Set 12x12ml

Gouache Set 12pcs.
€9.90 incl tax

Simply Gouache Set 6x12ml

Gouache Set 6pcs.
€6.20 incl tax

Gouache Renesans, 20 ml

Renesans GOUACHE are easy to use thick and well-covering paints, which produce a flexible but still water soluble layer. Besides pigment, the production of gouache involves kaolin and other raw materials to make the paint well-soluble. Our gouache is held together with gum arabic and produces a thick and opaque layer on dry or damp paper. It can be applied with aerographs to produce exceptionally saturated and smooth surfaces. Gouache also goes well with other techniques, including watercolours, acrylics, sketching, which is why it is very popular among designers and illustrators. After drying, all temperas considerably brightens and fades, so it is recommended to use liquid agents to preserve and intensify the colour.
€2.20 incl tax

Efo Gouache Set 12 pcs.

Gouache set of 12 ml basic colors : 501 titanium white, 502 primary yellow, 503 Orange, 505 Carmine, 506 Magenta, 511 Violet, 510 Cyan Blue, 509 Ultramarin, 507 Emerald Green , 513 Ochre, 512 Burnt Sienna, 514 Black
€4.20 incl tax