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Transfer Spray, 400 ml

Ghiant Transfer Spray allows quick and easy transfer of the outline of photos, posters and prints on to all smooth surfaces such as paper, canvas, painted walls, wood, glass, ceramics, metal and textiles. The advantage of Ghiant Transfer Spray over conventional carbon paper is that you are not limited to the size of the carbon paper. To use this Ghiant Transfer Spray, for example to transfer a photo of your last holiday as a coluoring page: Step 1 - Spray the back of the medium to be transferred with the Ghiant Transfer Spray and allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes. Step 2 - Attach the sprayed medium to your chosen surface with easy-to-remove adhesive strips or paper clips and draw the lines to be transferred with a pencil, pen or scribing tool. Depending on the material used, enough pressure must be exerted to transfer the lines. Step 3 - Then the outlines that were traced from the original subject are visible on the new surface. Ghiant Transfer Spray is available in a 400ml can.
€7.20 incl tax

Transfer medium for decoupage 110ml

Transfer medium for transferring laser prints. Can be used with all types of paper except original photos and thicker glossy papers. Do not use with inkjet prints! Apply 3-4 layers of medium to the paper, allowing each to dry well before applying the next - soak the paper in warm water for 20-30 minutes - remove the paper from the water and gently remove the layer of paper, leaving the resulting film with the embedded print - from this point on, the film can be treated like decoupage paper
€7.20 incl tax

Pebeo Deco Image Transfer 75ml

Μέσο για τη μεταφορά εικόνων.
€7.90 incl tax