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Gift calligraphy set with a glass pen

The set includes two inks - black and pink - and a pen made of glass.
€14.80 incl tax €9.80 incl tax

Sumi ink

Liquid sumi ink for traditional Chinese and Janpanese calligraphy and brush painting. Made from oil soot. Type: Liquid ink, made from oil soot. The ink gets bright luster in deep black, absorbed well by xuan paper with vivid layers. With slight pleasant fragrance.
€3.50 incl tax €2.90 incl tax

Chinese Ink Sinoart, black 250 ml

€5.40 incl tax €3.90 incl tax

Kin's Ink Liquid (Black), 60 ml

*Recommended to sumi painting drawing writing and watercolorist artists. * It does not have the strong ink smell. *It is a permanent, stable ink. It cannot be re-wetted or reused once it dries. For grey tones simply lighten with added water. * This bottled Sumi ink for calligraphy and brush painting. * After using, the brush can be easily rinsed by dipping in water.
€2.50 incl tax

Ηero china ink 60ml

Ηero china ink in 3 colors. Suitable for drawing and calligraphy.
€2.50 incl tax

Chinese Ink Sticks, set 5 pcs.

Five colors printing with dragon anaglyph, 31 gr
€22.40 incl tax

Chinese Art Set

Contains 4 calligraphy brushes,a sumi stick and various other calligraphy accesories.
€23.80 incl tax

Εκολίνες Ostrich Flower Series, 15 ml

Μελάνη Οstrich σε 10 αποχρώσεις.
€2.00 incl tax

Refillable Brush Pen

Brush Pen,with indian ink on the inside.Refillable.
€3.95 incl tax

China Ink Acrilex 20ml

China Ink in 7 colours.
€1.00 incl tax