Paint for Fabric/ Batik

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Fabric Marker

This is a special ink pen for fabric. With it you can inscribe uniforms, clothes, make outlines, details, paintings on fabric, as well as signing your craftwork in general. Acrilpen has excellent cold-setting property, optimal resistance to washing when applied on non-starched cotton fabrics. We recommend not using it on synthetic fabric. You can also use Acrilpen on paper, cardboard, polystyrene, wood, plaster, pottery.
€1.90 incl tax

Acrilex Fabric Outliner 20ml

To make flat traces, outlines. Also indicated to limit areas in which the Aquarela Silk, the Silk Color Acrilex will be applied. Application: direct with the tip, keeping the tube at the vertical position, make a continuous trace without interruption, in natural fi bers clear, delicate fabrics, cotton, silk. Drying 24 hours. Fixation: iron in a high temperature the reverse side of the fabric for about 5 minutes, with a delicate, clean cloth above it. Wash-resistant.
€0.90 incl tax

System3 Textile Printing Medium 200 ml

Medium που προστίθεται στα ακρυλικά σε αναλογία 1:1 και τα μετατρέπει σε χρώμα μεταξοτυπίας ή χρώμα κατάλληλο για ύφασμα, ανθεκτικό στο πλύσιμο.
€7.20 incl tax

Renesans TEX Paint, 50 ml

The TEX line of textile watercolours is composed of 16 colours, which can all be mixed with each other. They can be applied on various textiles, which should be washed before being decorated. White cotton provides the best results. The paint can be applied with a brush or aerograph. After the paint dries, it should be thermally fixed through ironing of the other side of the textile at the temperature appropriate to the given textile.
€3.90 incl tax

Tjanting Tool - bowl Ø 35 mm, spout Ø 0.5 mm

Tjanting Tool, a batik wax cup, is used for applying wax for e.g. to fabrics. Made of cast brass this spherical bowl keeps the wax liquid. The moment the spout touches working surface, the wax is flowing,this prevents the wax from dropping to undesirable places. The 0.5 mm-spout results in fine lines. Technical information: - Brass wax bowl, spherical, Ø 35 mm, - Die-cast-aluminium Spout, bended, Ø 0.5 mm - Beechwood handle - polished - Total Length: approx. 230 mm - Weight: 34 g
€8.90 incl tax

Setacolor Fabric Paint, 45 ml

Bright and durable colors for fabrics. Can be used on all pre-washed fabrics: cotton, wool, jersey, velvet, jacquard knit, polyester, mixed fibers and even leather. Can be used as is or diluted with water for a watercolor effect. Their rich texture is particularly suitable for various fabric decoration techniques: with a brush, pipette, stamp, stencil, screen printing, etc. When used with Setacolor mediums they can achieve additional effects to multiply techniques. Water soluble, non-toxic.
€3.80 incl tax