Paint for Glass

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Vitro 150º 37ml

In order to paint glass, ceramic, porcelain and faience. Wash-resistant. Must be placed at oven for a complete fixation. Available in 12 colors with 37ml pots. How to use: 1. Before aplication, mix well with a brush help 2. Wait 24 hours for a total drying 3. Take it at oven for 30 minutes at 150ºC from temperature 4. Turn off the oven and wait it cool completely before take off the piece
€2.20 incl tax

Glass Enamel 37 ml

Has 25 intermixable colors, with a transparent and brilliant fi nishing. The colorless varnish is used to give more transparency to other colors and can also be used as an excellent fi nishing varnish in handcraft articles such as soap, woods, ceramics and plaster articles.
€2.20 incl tax

Acrilex Glass Varnish 37ml

Presented in 25 colors mixable among each other, it provides a transparent and brilliant finish. Colorless Glass Varnish offers more transparency to other colors an can be used also as an excellent finishing varnish on craftworks such as soap, wood, ceramics and objects in plaster.Clean brushes immediately after use with white spirit.
€2.20 incl tax

DECO' Glass Paint, 30 ml

The DECO` line of transparent stained glass paint is composed of 13 transparent and 3 opaque colours, all of which can be mixed with each other. The decorated glass must be cleaned well and degreased with a little rubbing alcohol or acetone. It is recommended to work with a horizontal surface to keep the paint from trickling. The DECO` paints take much longer to dry than other paints for glass available on the market. The drying time is minimum 48 hours and depends on the thickness of the applied coat. The paint crystallises a little faster in an oven at the temperature of approximately 60°C. To improve resistance to weather conditions, it is recommended to apply a layer finishing varnish no. 200 on VERY WELL dried paint (even after 1 month). However, you cannot apply another coat of paint on dry DECO` paints because it will raise the previously dried cover. The resistance to light of the applied dyes is very high but depends considerably on the paint concentration, which means that the paint in its initial form is much more durable than when thinned with emulsion or thinner and that a thicker layer is more durable than a very thin layer. The slow drying process is caused by the alcohol content and has a positive effect on even paint distribution into the outline and elimination of streaks. Clean the decorated surface with a damp cloth. Do not use liquids and detergents, which may contain thinners.
€3.90 incl tax

Pebeo Cerne Relief Paste, 20ml

Pebeo Cerne Relief outliners are used for creating cloisonné effects or lines to imitate enameling and stained glass effects. This thick, pasty paint is designed for use with both Pebeo Ceramic and Vitrail colors. Each 20 ml tube's fine applicator tip makes the finest of details a snap, and the paint is air dry! Allow at least thirty minutes' drying time before applying Pebeo colors.
€3.20 incl tax