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Plastic Palette-010

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 25x33cm.
€3.70 incl tax

Plastic Palette-009

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 22x30cm.
€3.10 incl tax

Plastic Palette-058

Oval plastic palette.Dimensions 27x35cm.
€1.95 incl tax

Acrylic Palette Rectangular Transparent

Acrylic Palette Rectangular Transparent, 25x35cm.
€4.85 incl tax

Plastic Palette-082

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 34x22cm.
€3.40 incl tax

Plastic Palette-005

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 19x11cm.
€1.10 incl tax

Plastic Palette-056

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 11x30cm.
€1.45 incl tax

Plastic Palette-060

Plastic palette .Dimensions 18x27cm.
€1.45 incl tax

Plastic Palette-072

Plastic Palette with 12 bottles.Dimensions 20x15x3cm.
€4.30 incl tax

Folding Plastic Palette-091

Folding plastic palette. Dimensions 30x14cm.
€4.20 incl tax

Οval plywood palette

Οval plywood palette in 3 sizes.
€2.90 incl tax

Premier Palette box

The Ultimate Palette Box is an airtight sealed plastic box which contains a total of 12 separate internal palettes. This is the ultimate in palettes and is perfect to keep your paints fresher and also has more mixing areas than you will probably ever need. The size of the box is 35cm x 25cm x 5.5cm. (14" x 10" x 2") Please note that the large plastic tray on the right of the photo is slightly warped and does not lie completely flat on a table. Our supplier has so far not been able to correct this, but we are still selling the product as it is still great value for money and a very useful item.Dimensions 35x25x5cm.
€21.40 incl tax