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Icon Painting Binder

White Icon Painting Binder in 500 gr or 1 Kg.
€4.90 incl tax

Schmincke Acrylic binder "ready-to-use" 200ml

Ready-to-use binder for easy grinding of satin-matt acrylic colours in combination with Schmincke pure artists´ pigments. Dilutable with water, but forms rather quickly a water-resistant film; non-yellowing; age-resistant. Shake before use.
€14.50 incl tax

Acrylic binder 250ml

Binder for own production of acrylic colours, acrylic mediums and primers. Glossy, colourless, nonyellowing, age-resistant; dilutable with water, but forms rather quickly a water-resistant film. Improves adhesion of undercoats when added to Schmincke acrylic colours instead of water; increases gloss and transparency of the colours.
€14.50 incl tax

Casein binding medium, 500 ml

Binder for own production of casein colours and casein-tempera. Dilutable with water; dries to a wiping resistant film, but remains water-soluble.
€20.60 incl tax

Dammar in pieces

Natural Palembang-dammar. Selected very light pieces. For own production of oil painting mediums, tempera-emulsions and varnishes. Soluble in oil of turpentine and turpentine substitute.
€9.70 incl tax

Γομαλάκα ξανθιά, 100 gr

Γομαλάκα ξανθιά σε νυφάδες, διάφανη και άοσμη.
€3.90 incl tax

Liquid shellac, 250 ml

Varnish obtained from pure shellac is used as a protective varnish.
€14.10 incl tax