Priming & Varnishing Brushes

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Kolibri Series 904

Flat varnish brushes, soft and very elastic synthetic hair, double thickness, nickel plated rim bands, natural polished handles.
€4.20 incl tax

Kreator Studio πινέλο βερνικώματος 809

Varnish brush from quality synthetic hair. Long handle 32cm
€5.80 incl tax

La Vanche Series 801

Varnish brush from quality synthetic hair.
€5.40 incl tax


Varnish brush from very sof synthetic hair.
€4.50 incl tax

Kolibri Serie 3510

Varnish light hog brush
€3.50 incl tax

Kolibri Serie 2530

Brushes for priming and varnishing made of light blend of natural hog bristles and synthetic bristles. These brushe for priming and varnishing are made in 6.thickness. The use bristle mix is powerful and has a high color absorption capacity. Therefore, this kind of brushes is best suited for priming and grounding on larger areas. We manufacture these brushes from 1″ (25 mm) up to 4″ (100 mm).
€3.40 incl tax


Ηοg Mottler Brush.
€1.90 incl tax

Kolibri Serie 3040

Mottler with extra long withe hog bristles, suitable e.g. to blur different mediums.
€2.20 incl tax

FIT SYNTHETICS, Mottler | Series 5073

FIT SYNTHETICS, Mottler dark grey, very elastic, short synthetic fibre rust-proof steel ferrule green matt handles with a newly developed surface structure width 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 This innovative product pushes the traditional school brush with natural hair into the background when it comes to real painting and colour absorbing capacity
€9.10 incl tax