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Acrilex Relief Paste 20ml

Presented in 5 colors, the Outline Relief Paste comes in a 20ml tube with an applicator tip. Soluble in Acrilex Mineral Spirits. Indicated just for decorative effects, it is not washresistant. Do not expose to excessive light and heat. It can not be taken to the oven. Application: To contour, delimitation contour and specifi c techniques with the own applicator tip. Its fi xation in glass, porcelain and faience only happens when also applied to the Glass Paints. Drying: 24 hours.
€2.90 incl tax €1.90 incl tax

Pebeo Cerne Relief Paste, 20ml

Pebeo Cerne Relief outliners are used for creating cloisonné effects or lines to imitate enameling and stained glass effects. This thick, pasty paint is designed for use with both Pebeo Ceramic and Vitrail colors. Each 20 ml tube's fine applicator tip makes the finest of details a snap, and the paint is air dry! Allow at least thirty minutes' drying time before applying Pebeo colors.
€3.20 incl tax

DECO Outliner 3D Renesans, 20 ml

DECO’ outliners are recommended for creation of decorations imitating stained glass joints, which are separated with specific colours to create interesting relief decorations. The DECO’ Renesans Outliners 3D are available in 10 colours: white, yellow, red, blue, green, black, gold, bronze, silver, and copper.
€4.20 incl tax