Daler Rowney Acrylic Painting Pad 190gr/m2

Enjoy the perfect canvas for your acrylic masterpieces with this Daler Rowney Simply Acrylic Pad! The canvas-like pages are perfect for painting on with specifically acrylic colours, and the weight of the paper prevents paint soaking through to the next page. There are 16 pages for you to add glorious colour to and create your imaginative designs on. This pad is ideal for allowing you to create acrylic paintings on the go. Take this pad wherever you like!
Manufacturer: Daler Rowney
SKU: R-4367
€5.10 incl tax
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Αtlantis Streched Canvas

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Graduate acrylic colours Set 12x22ml

Acrylic colours Set 12x22ml
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Pouring Medium

Fluid acrylic-medium for pouring. Optimized flow properties. Use pure or mixed in any ratio with acrylic colours (pretest!). Reduces crazing. Dries water-resistant, glossy and clear-transparent. Non-yellowing, flexible film with tack-free surface.
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Silicone oil 100 ml

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