Ghiant Varnish H2O 400ml

UV-resistant, waterbased varnish sprays for maximum effectiveness and protection of acrylic and oil paintings.Αvailable in Matte,Satin and Glossy .
Manufacturer: Ghiant
$8.02 incl tax
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AKADEMIE® Acryl color 60ml

Schmincke's AKADEMIE® Acryl color suits the needs of not only the ambitious beginner but also the demanding professional artist. The 60 brilliant, intense and extremely lightfast colours form a sophisticated assortment that includes three shades of white and special effect colours (including gold, silver and neon colours). All the colours are created without cadmium pigments. Further advantages of this range are the completely waterproof drying, the long open time of the colours and a pleasant odour.
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Alcohol Ink Aura, 15 ml

Liquid ink based on dyes and resin dissolved in pure alcohol. Can be mixed with other resins. Ideal for metal, glass, plastic, foil, a special Yupo paper or other slippery surfaces.
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PRIMAcryl® 60ml

Schmincke PRIMAcryl Finest Artist's Acrylic is a professional grade acrylic colour range. The range consists of 84 shades made from organic and inorganic pigments as well as natural and synthetic, which reflect historical hues as well as the latest technological advances in colour making.
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Craquelex Paint 37ml

17 matte colors and 2 metallic colors mixable among each other. Ready for use. Water-soluble. Applications: with a brush or sponge on surfaces prepared with one of the following Acrilex Paints: Acrylic, P.V.A and Metal Colors. Apply 2 to 3 layers during the preparation of the surface. The cracking effect will be visible after the drying of the Craquelex Paint (approx. 2 hours). Total drying 72 hours. The cracking varies according to the paint layer used in the preparation of the surface and the quantity of Craquelex Paint used later. Apply only one layer. Do not mask the Craquelex Paint.
$1.77 incl tax $0.94 incl tax