Kolibri Serie 2530

Varnish and priming bristle brush
Manufacturer: Κolibri
SKU: 2530
€3.90 incl tax
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Lyra Rembrandt Art Design pencil

Hexagonal fine graphite pencil, ideal for artistic and technical drawing. Body made from the finest real cedar wood. Available in 17 hardness grades from 9B (the softest) to 6H (the hardest). Extra-resistant, solid lead produces clean, sharp strokes. Length: 183 mm. Lead diameter: 2 ≥ 2,8 mm.
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La Vanche Series 2113

Filbert hog brush suitable for acylics and oil.
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Refillable Brush Pen

Brush Pen,with indian ink on the inside.Refillable.
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Fabriano drawing book spiral A3, landscape

Drawingbook σπιράλ με σκληρό αδιάβροχο εξώφυλλο. Χαρτί χωρίς οξέα με πιστοποίηση FSC. Iδανικό για μολύβι, γραφίτη, κάρβουνο, παστέλ, στυλό, μελάνι και gouache. A3, landscape.
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