Lamali P3PRE Copper 50x75cm

Metallic Colour Silkscreened on a Sheet of Lokta Paper.With deckled edges.
Manufacturer: Lamali
$3.89 incl tax
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Liquid frisket,neutral

Drawing gum for masking specific areas which should remain white on water-colour paper, smooth drawing carton, photographs or films. Apply with writing pen, cotton bud or wooden stick. Colourless after drying
$3.89 incl tax

Palette knives set

Palette knives set with 5 sizes.
$2.24 incl tax

Κhadi S2W 56x76gr 320gr Smooth

Artists’ handmade paper from Khadi Papers India. This paper is made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. Internally sized with neutral pH size. Tub sized (surface sized) with gelatine. Acid free. Smooth surface.
$5.19 incl tax

Lokta Paper 50X75cm 140gr

Artists’ handmade paper made from the inner bark or bast fibre of lokta.For drawing in ink, calligraphy, printmaking.
$4.25 incl tax