Lamali PN345-Green-Nat., 50x75cm

Foliage - 50x75cm approx. - patterns silkscreened on thin Lokta paper - Made by hand in Nepal
Manufacturer: Lamali
SKU: PN345
€3.40 incl tax
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Lamali P3B-VEG Thé Nat, 50x75cm

Classic thin Lamali Lokta - Sheet 50x75cm approx. - thin Lokta paper (approx. 60 GSM) - natural vegetal color made with black tea - Handmade in Nepal.
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Lamali PN429-04, 50x75cm

Sheet 50x75cm approx. - thin Lamali Lokta paper (approx. 60 GSM), deckle edged, printed with 1 color - Handmade in Nepal.
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Lamali PN51 Massaï 80gr 50x75cm

Handmade Lokta paper sheet,printed in 1 color.
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Lamali PN94-Naturel 52x84cm

Japan Lokta handmade. Extra fine sheet of natural fiber paper, worked the Japan way.
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