Manetti Bole paste 1kg

Bole is available in 1kg packets in two different shades. Since it contains no adhesives, it can only be used with rabbit-skin glue.
Manufacturer: Manetti
$67.26 incl tax
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Water based Manetti Size 1lt

Suitable for interior gilding on wood, gesso and stucco. Acrylic copolymer resin in aqueous emulsion (approx.50%). It can be diluted with water (up to 30%) and applied onto surfaces that aren’t waterproof by tamping or brush.You can begin attaching the gold leaf after 30/60 mins.
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Agate stone Νο21

The burnisher in agate stone by RGM with ancient techniques and the use of high quality materials to ensure an extremely smooth surface. Features: agate stone shaped and polished manually, inserted firmly to the wooden handle, reinforced with a brass ring of containment. Available in 11 models with tips of varying shape and size.
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