Metallic cutter small, 13cm

Manufacturer: Sinoart
SKU: SFT0227
€1.60 incl tax
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Αrtist pigments

Fine pigments for painting and icon painting. They are mixed with egg tempera or glue for traditional iconography, but also with binders or ready-to-use binders for creating colors for painting.
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Ghiant Fix Basic 400ml

The Ghiant basic fix covers the needs of all artists. Environmentally friendly fixative sprays ideal for protecting the simplest charcoal drawing to the most professional piece of artwork. Fix Basic: temporary and final protective coating.
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Artists Willow Charcoal - 20 Sticks (10-12mm diameter)

A box containing 20 Sticks measuring approximately 10-12mm in diameter.
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Βελόνα σχεδίου

Μεταλλική βελόνα μετρήματος ελεύθερου σχεδίου, 26 εκ.
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