Mosaic plier Μοsaikstein

Mosaic pliers with small carbide blades handles are connected by screwed articulation for Joy glass, Murano glass, Tiffany glass, Ceraton conditionally for Marble 4mm and Mother of Pearl
Manufacturer: Mosaikstein
SKU: H0174
€19.60 incl tax
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Mosaic plier Μοsaikstein

Power mosaic pliers with carbide blades Thanks to mechanical transmission, the pliers enable cutting without effort of particularly thick or hard stones like marble, Flip ceramics or tiles.
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Glass cutter Μοsaikstein

Glass cutter with oil reservoir and carbide blades reservoir is filled with cutting oil which permanently oils the cutting blade for Joy glass, Murano glass, Tiffany glass, Ceraton, tiles
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Tweezers Μοsaikstein

Tweezers with pointed tips especially helpful for detailled mosaic works.
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