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D'Aqua, Rough 220 gr

Acid free watercolour board. Natural white, rough, glued on two sides. Excellent for drawing and watercolour painting.
$7.79 incl tax

Belle Arti Linen Canvas 574, Extra Fine, 2.10 x 1 m.

Handmade in Italy using traditional artisanal techniques developed by Belle Arti, this 574 canvas has an exceptionally smooth surface ideally suited for those working in oil and acrylic. Made with the finest 100% Linen, the 574 canvas offers greater elasticity and resistance to tension, facilitating the process of assembling and stretching the canvas onto a frame or a rigid surface such as a panel.Extra Fine Grain.Weight: 316 gsm.
$42.48 incl tax

La Vanche Series 2111

Flat hog bristle brush.
$2.36 incl tax

Kolibri Series 7008 CH

Flat brush made of Synthetic Golden Sable suitable for watercolor, oil and acrylic.
$4.07 incl tax

La Vanche Series 2751

Πλακέ πινέλο με σταθερή συνθετική τρίχα. Κατάλληλο για ζωγραφική με λάδια και ακρυλικά.
$2.24 incl tax

SQI-Aquarell line, Kolibri

English Wash brush made of tested and popular synthetic Squirrel imitation. The characteristics of the Squirrel imtation are very similar to natural Squirrel hair and they are recommended as an inexpensive alternative to pure Squirrel hair wash brushes.
$4.96 incl tax