PNINC - Lamali 50x75cm

Χειροποίητο χαρτί Lokta με κόκκους ρυζιού. Ιδανικό για κολάζ, κατασκευές, τύλιγμα, διακόσμηση,''ντύσιμο'' βιβλίων κ.α.
Manufacturer: Lamali
$4.01 incl tax
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Lamali PN94-Naturel 52x84cm

Japan Lokta handmade. Extra fine sheet of natural fiber paper, worked the Japan way.
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PTH50 - Lamali 44X68

Fine handmade paper with fiber. Ideal for printing, collage, construction, wrapping, decoration, dressing books etc. .
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Lamali PTH34 Naturel 48x67cm

Lokta paper made in Τhai method .Handmade.
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Κhadi S4W 56x76gr 640gr Smooth

Artists’ handmade paper from Khadi Papers India. This paper is made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. Internally sized with neutral pH size. Tub sized (surface sized) with gelatine. Acid free. Smooth surface.
$6.96 incl tax