Pottery tools set, 3 pcs.

Manufacturer: Sinoart
SKU: SFT0165
$3.89 incl tax
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Intaglio Etching Inks

The paints-inks are based on the Belgian binding agent STANDOLEJ, which offers special viscosity for graphical techniques, mainly for intaglio and relief. The etching paint has two main components: dyes and binding agents, also known as binders. The production process of these paints is composed of two main stages: component mixing and etching paint mixing. They dry quickly with no transparency or spilling and can be mixed and thinned with no risk of changing their initial properties. Etching inks are thinned with oils and mix well, which means that they can be mixed into any shades. Ιn black colour.
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Clean up tool kit 11pcs

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