Precision craft knife

Precision craft knife with one spare blade.
Manufacturer: Sinoart
SKU: SFT0142
$3.89 incl tax
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Χuan Paper sheet 30x140cm

Chinese Paper suitable for brush writing, Chinese painting or calligraphy. It is made from mulberry bark in China using a centuries-old manufacturing process, and provides excellent quality at an affordable price for beginners and intermediates. The paper feels somewhere between crisp and soft. It is more absorbent, rough and matt on one side and less absorbent, smoother and shinier on the other. It is a warm off-white colour. The weight of this acid-free paper is 30g per square metre. Dimensions 30x140cm
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Grey Linoleum Blocks

For more sizes , please contact us.
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Carving chisel set, 6 pcs

16cm long, 5pcs/set plastic handle
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