Renesans brush 8055, no2

High quality hog brush for oil painting.
Manufacturer: Renesans
SKU: REN8055
€10.50 incl tax
€8.50 incl tax
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Transparent primer 500 ml

A transparent, light-resistant and non-aging primer for oil and acrylic colours and pastel with slightly absorbent character. Forms an elastic, matt, slightly rough film after drying. Transparent primer is ready to use, but can be diluted with max. 10% of water.
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Gesso Primer Αtlantis

Acrylic Gesso is a ready to use, high quality liquid ground of acrylic resin and Titanium Dioxide, for priming canvas and any other painting surface such as wood, ceramics, gypsum, metals and cement for all kinds of paints, including oils. High pigment content insures superior covering strength. Dries to a matt white finish which remains flexible, will not yellow and can be sanded when dry.
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Αcrilex Gesso, 250 ml.

Gesso Primer in 125 or 250ml.
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Renesans J5054

Flat brush, hog bristle.
€11.90 incl tax