Renesans extra fine watercolour 1/2pan

Professional dry watercolors in pans are made according to traditional recipes based on gum arabic and thoroughly ground pigments and the addition of acacia honey, used as a binder. Almost the entire watercolor production process is carried out manually to ensure the highest quality and purity of the traditional recipe. In their production, selected organic and inorganic pigments are used, including real Polish cadmium and cobalt. This product is characterized by high solubility and a high degree of resistance to light: watercolors are produced by hand and naturally dried. The range consists of 54 colors
Manufacturer: Renesans
  • 01. Titanium white
    01. Titanium white
  • 02. Flesh tint
    02. Flesh tint
  • 03. Persian yellow
    03. Persian yellow
  • 04. Lemon yellow
    04. Lemon yellow
  • 05. Cadmium yellow pale
    05. Cadmium yellow pale
  • 06. Gami gutta
    06. Gami gutta
  • 07. Cadmium yellow deep
    07. Cadmium yellow deep
  • 08. Indian Yellow
    08. Indian Yellow
  • 09. Cadmium orange
    09. Cadmium orange
  • 10. Vermilion
    10. Vermilion
  • 11. Cadmium red light
    11. Cadmium red light
  • 12. Scarlet.
    12. Scarlet.
  • 13. Cadmium red deep
    13. Cadmium red deep
  • 14. Carmine
    14. Carmine
  • 15. Magenta lake
    15. Magenta lake
  • 16. Alizarine madder lake
    16. Alizarine madder lake
  • 17. Geranium lake
    17. Geranium lake
  • 18.Mineral violet
    18.Mineral violet
  • 19.Indigo
  • 20. Prussian blue
    20. Prussian blue
  • 21. Paris blue
    21. Paris blue
  • 22. Phthalo blue
    22. Phthalo blue
  • 23. Polish blue
    23. Polish blue
  • 24. Ultramarine
    24. Ultramarine
  • 25. Cobalt blue
    25. Cobalt blue
  • 26. Coeruleum
    26. Coeruleum
  • 27. Cobalt turquoise
    27. Cobalt turquoise
  • 28. Ultramarine green
    28. Ultramarine green
  • 29. Cinnabar green pale
    29. Cinnabar green pale
  • 30. Zinc green
    30. Zinc green
  • 31. Emerald green
    31. Emerald green
  • 32. Cobalt green
    32. Cobalt green
  • 33. Chromium oxide green
    33. Chromium oxide green
  • 34. Golden green
    34. Golden green
  • 35. Hooker's green
    35. Hooker's green
  • 36. Olive green
    36. Olive green
  • 37. Sap green
    37. Sap green
  • 38.Cinnabar green deep
    38.Cinnabar green deep
  • 39. Green earth natural
     39. Green earth natural
  • 40. Venetian yellow.
    40. Venetian yellow.
  • 41. Yellow ochre
    41. Yellow ochre
  • 42 Raw siena
    42 Raw siena
  • 44. Dragon's blood
    44. Dragon's blood
  • 45 Claret
    45 Claret
  • 46. Burnt Siena
    46. Burnt Siena
  • 47. Raw umber.
    47. Raw umber.
  • 48 Sepia
    48 Sepia
  • 49. Caput mortuum
    49. Caput mortuum
  • 50. Burnt umber.
    50. Burnt umber.
  • 51. Kassel earth
    51. Kassel earth
  • 53. Ivory black.
    53. Ivory black.
  • 54. Lamp black.
    54. Lamp black.
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