Blur Oil Renesans, 200 ml

The range of 39 colours of BLUR oil paints thanks to the high pigment content yields perfect results, both in pure and mixed colours. The balanced colour palette offers matt colours as well as two types of white. Thanks to a balanced formula based on high quality linseed oil, Blur offers a uniform drying time and a smooth consistency that characterizes the whole colour palette. All 39 colours are available in 200ml aluminium tubes.
Manufacturer: Renesans
  • 01 Ζinc white
    01 Ζinc white
  • 02 Titanium white
    02 Titanium white
  • 03 Ivory
    03 Ivory
  • 04 Naples yellow
    04 Naples yellow
  • 05 Naples yellow rose
    05 Naples yellow rose
  • 06 Lemon yellow
    06 Lemon yellow
  • 07 Primary yellow
    07 Primary yellow
  • 08 Cadmium yellow
    08 Cadmium yellow
  • 09 Yellow chrome
    09 Yellow chrome
  • 10. Cadmium orange
    10. Cadmium orange
  • 11 Scarlet vermillion
    11 Scarlet vermillion
  • 12 Cadmium red pale
    12 Cadmium red pale
  • 3 Cadmium red deep
    3 Cadmium red deep
  • 14 Carmine
    14 Carmine
  • 15 Brilliant rose
    15 Brilliant rose
  • 16 Brilliant violet
    16 Brilliant violet
  • 17 Prussian blue
    17 Prussian blue
  • 18 Ultramarine blue
    18 Ultramarine blue
  • 19 Cobalt blue
    19 Cobalt blue
  • 20 Primary blue cyan
    20 Primary blue cyan
  • 21 Coeruleum blue
    21 Coeruleum blue
  • 22 Turquoise aquamarine
    22 Turquoise aquamarine
  • 23 Royal blue
    23 Royal blue
  • 24 Brilliant green
    24 Brilliant green
  • 25 Cinnabar green pale
    25 Cinnabar green pale
  • 26 Cinnabar green deep
    26 Cinnabar green deep
  • 27 Sap green
    27 Sap green
  • 28 Green earth
    28 Green earth
  • 29 Yellow ochre
    29 Yellow ochre
  • 30 Orange ochre
    30 Orange ochre
  • 31 Red ochre pale
    31 Red ochre pale
  • 32 Red ochre deep
    32 Red ochre deep
  • 33 Amaranth ochre
    33 Amaranth ochre
  • 34 Brown ochre
    34 Brown ochre
  • 35 Earth umbra
    35 Earth umbra
  • 36 Vandyke brown
    36 Vandyke brown
  • 37 Mineral grey
    37 Mineral grey
  • 38 Natural indigo
    38 Natural indigo
  • 39 Lamp black
    39 Lamp black
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