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Gloss Decorative Paint 37ml

Ideal for application on wood, ceramic, plaster, polystyrene, cork, leather, sandblasted glass, plastics, aluminum, brass and zinc, where for decorative purposes. Presented in 20 colors miscible, has a glossy finish, no need to varnish application. If diluted, it may lose its shine. In this case, it is necessary to apply more than one layer of paint to achieve the desired result.
€1.70 incl tax

Vitro 150º 37ml

In order to paint glass, ceramic, porcelain and faience. Wash-resistant. Must be placed at oven for a complete fixation. Available in 12 colors with 37ml pots. How to use: 1. Before aplication, mix well with a brush help 2. Wait 24 hours for a total drying 3. Take it at oven for 30 minutes at 150ºC from temperature 4. Turn off the oven and wait it cool completely before take off the piece
€2.20 incl tax

Glass Enamel 37 ml

Has 25 intermixable colors, with a transparent and brilliant fi nishing. The colorless varnish is used to give more transparency to other colors and can also be used as an excellent fi nishing varnish in handcraft articles such as soap, woods, ceramics and plaster articles.
€2.20 incl tax

Acrilex Fabric Paint Fluo 37ml

Fabric Paint in Fluorocent colors .Can be applied with brush, sponge or rubber stamp, on cotton fabrics only (non – synthetic) The fabric must be pre-washed and completely dried. Wash the fabric only 72 hours after application.
€1.80 incl tax €1.00 incl tax

Fabric Marker

This is a special ink pen for fabric. With it you can inscribe uniforms, clothes, make outlines, details, paintings on fabric, as well as signing your craftwork in general. Acrilpen has excellent cold-setting property, optimal resistance to washing when applied on non-starched cotton fabrics. We recommend not using it on synthetic fabric. You can also use Acrilpen on paper, cardboard, polystyrene, wood, plaster, pottery.
€1.90 incl tax

Acrilex Aquarella Silk 60ml

Acrylic resin-based paint. Non toxic. Water-soluble. Ready to use. All colors con be intermixed. Wash-resistant. Indicated to natural fibers clear, delicate fabrics, cotton, silk. In synthetic fabrics, we recommend a previous test. Cold fixation.
€2.00 incl tax €1.00 incl tax