Cosmostop Spin Watercolour Da Vinci, 5580

Da Vinci Cosmotop-Spin is a golden fibred brush made up from a blend of 5 different diameters of extra smooth synthetic hair. This unique brush is popular for its water-holding capacity and excellent value in large sizes. Da Vinci built specialized machines that can sort synthetic hair in varying diameters, and this sorted hair is then turned over to a master brushmaker who hand shapes the CosmoTop Spin. The thicker hair is placed on the outside and the thinner hair in the middle to ensure high colour absorption while maintaining a fine point, stable shape, and good spring. The brush fibres are held in place by a seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule with a short red lacquered handle. Ergonomic lacquered handles allow for maximum painting control and the ferrules are rust-resistant. The result is a high-quality and durable synthetic brush for artists.
Manufacturer: Da Vinci
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