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Studio easel Sinoart 9B

Studio easel,dimensions 65x83x162cm.
€49.00 incl tax

Studio easel 0177

Studio easel Color: Espresso Dimensions: 60x70x180cm Hold canvas up to 135cm. Material: Pine wood
€49.00 incl tax

Studio easel 8B

Studio easel,dimensions 66x87x231cm.
€59.00 incl tax

Table easel 58B

Table easel.Dimensions 28x32x96cm.
€28.00 incl tax

Mini easel 51

Display easel 9x16.5 cm.
€1.90 incl tax

Mini easel 94

Display easel.Dimensions 12x24x13
€6.80 incl tax

CS-300 ◦ Studio Easel with Crank

The Cappelletto CS-300 is the studio easel with crank of oiled seasoned beech wood, very sturdy and steady, with a square base. The dimension of the square base are 70×68 cm (27″x26″). The crank adjusting system allows for a quick and easy lifting of even very heavy canvases. The crank handle may be removed for traditional use. The extensible centre pole makes it possible to support high canvases. It supports canvasses up to 235 cm high (92,5″). The sculptured wooden knobs allow for simple adjustment of the backward and forward inclination. The shelf distance from the floor can vary from a minimum of 50 cm (20”). An exclusive spacers system offsets the canvas from the supporting surface for painting edge to edge. The CS-300 has a double shelf of beech wood with two lateral storage drawers, which can stay open thanks to a locking device that prevents them from falling down, or they can be removed completely through an easy sliding system for separate use. All metal parts have a golden finishing. The movement of the CS-300 is given by 4 rubber casters with ball bearings and 2 front screw brakes for levelling and locking on the floor. The CS-300 is a typical studio easel with crank for professional painters with a large production in a restricted time frame. It is mainly used indoors for canvases, paintings, mosaics, plaster reliefs, heavy handmade articles. In the last years, it has also become an item for interior design at home or in business spaces as TV LCD. The easel is delivered pre-assembled.
€1030.00 incl tax

Cappelletto Easel CE-155

The Cappelletto CE-155 is a portable display lyre easel made of oiled beech wood, very light and easy to handle, with a low price. The base dimensions are 70×70 cm (27,5″x27,5″) and the height is 150 cm (59″). The height of the canvas tray (adjustable up to 6 different positions) and the inclination of the back pole can be adjusted through a back wing nut system. Three supporting points on the floor provide stability. It can hold canvases up to 200 cm high and 4 cm thick. The shelf distance from the floor can vary from a minimum of 40 cm (16”) to a maximum of 94 cm (37”). When not in use, it can be folded back on itself with one easy motion, for space-saving. the volume when closed is of 5,5 x 13,5 x 156 cm.
€57.00 incl tax

Cappelletto Easel CL-19

The Cappelletto CL-19 is a classic lyre easel of oiled beech wood. The base dimension are 58×68 cm (23″x27″) and the height are adjustable from 165 to 230 cm (65″-91″). The height of the canvas tray is controlled by a metallic rack system with fixing ratchet. It can hold canvases up to 130 cm (51″) high and 4,5 cm (2″) thickness. A back wing nut system allows adjusting the inclination of the centre pole. Three supporting points on the floor provide stability. For this reason, the CL-19 is suitable for use both indoors (museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, conference rooms, schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants, bars, exhibitions) and outdoors (squares, terraces, open galleries, gardens, parks).
€110.00 incl tax