Gioconda Soft Pastel Pencils offer the smooth finish of conventional pastels without the mess. They are highly pigmented, with a buttery smooth feel, and have excellent blending and toning characteristics on dark or light surfaces. All colors are lightfast and fade resistant. Gioconda Pastel Pencils also feature California cedar wood casings for crisp and accurate sharpening with minimal waste. They are available in a full range of 53 colors. Pencils are pre-sharpened.
Manufacturer: Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth
SKU: KiN-8827-copy
€39.40 incl tax
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Αtlantis Streched Canvas

Streched cotton/polyester canvas 280gr/m2 ,framed and ready to use .Universally primed with gesso. Depth of canvas framed 18mm.Ideal for all techniques.
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MUSSINI® Oil 35ml

Finest artists’ resin-oil colours . Schmincke Mussini oil colour are unique throughout the world for their use of natural resin binders, instead of conventional oil binders. This allows for more luminous, stable colours. The recipe of Mussini oils in based on the oil paint formulations of the Old Masters. There are 108 colours in the range, including 7 gold shades. All of these offer intense pigment saturation and maximum lightfastness. 64 of the shades are single pigment shades, which are particularly easy to use when colour mixing.
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Da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes

da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes are ideal for writing and drawing fine lines and edges. The strong, springy synthetic fibres combine the properties of hair and bristles. These da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes guarantee a clean line edge and a reliable brush tip. The longer bristles absorb the paint well and dose it evenly. The handle is coated in water-based paint and has a barely noticeable flattening at its thickest point which prevents rolling away. da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes are especially suitable for painting rough surfaces such as wood, cardboard, porcelain, ceramics etc.
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NOVA oilpainting brush | Series 1870

Made with the finest golden synthetic fibre which results in a combination of great elasticity and durability. Ideal for working on rough surfaces. Da Vinci Nova Flat Oil Brushes Series 1870 are very popular and proven brushes for oil painting but are also ideally suited to translucent acrylic painting. Da Vinci Nova Flat Oil Brushes Series 1870 have extra fine golden synthetic fibres. They have exceptional elasticity and far exceed the lifetime of natural hair brushes, even on rough surfaces. The brushes have long green lacquered handles and seamless silver ferrules.
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