Plastic Palettes

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Plastic palette round-003

Round plastic palette, 10 dwells. Dia.17 cm.
€0.90 incl tax

Plastic palette - 002

Plastic palette with 9 dwells, size 22x29 cm.
€1.40 incl tax

Plastic Palette-058

Oval plastic palette.Dimensions 27x35cm.
€1.95 incl tax

Plastic palette -075

Plastic palette, 10 dwells. Size 17 x 23 cm.
€1.10 incl tax

Acrylic Palette Rectangular Transparent

Acrylic Palette Rectangular Transparent, 25x35cm.
€4.85 incl tax

Plastic Palette-010

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 25x33cm.
€3.70 incl tax

Plastic Palette-009

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 22x30cm.
€3.10 incl tax

Plastic Palette-082

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 34x22cm.
€3.40 incl tax

Plastic Palette-005

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 19x11cm.
€1.10 incl tax

Plastic Palette-056

Plastic Palette.Dimensions 11x30cm.
€1.45 incl tax

Plastic Palette-060

Plastic palette .Dimensions 18x27cm.
€1.45 incl tax

Plastic Palette-072

Plastic Palette with 12 bottles.Dimensions 20x15x3cm.
€4.30 incl tax