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Sinoart Art Pocket

Art Pocket from canvas with zip closing.Dimansions 27.5x6x41 cm.
€3.30 incl tax €2.20 incl tax

Sinoart pencil pocket

Pencil pocket with zip.
€2.80 incl tax

Sinoart Wooden Pencil Case

Wooden Pencil Case with sliding opening.Dimensions 23x6x2,5 cm.
€4.40 incl tax

Βamboo roll mat

Βamboo roll mat.Dimensions 28x28cm.
€4.40 incl tax

Mapac Quartz Portfolio

Χαρτοφύλακας Μapac σε μαύρο χρώμα με φερμουάρ και κρίκους.Με εσωτερικό αδιάβροχο ύφασμα και δύο εσωτερικές τσέπες.με λαβή στο πάνω μέρος για εύκολη μεταφορά ,αλλά και μακρύ αποσπώμενο λουρί για να μεταφέρεται στον ώμο.
€33.00 incl tax

Portfolio Mapac Αcademy

Portfolio in black color.
€12.90 incl tax

Μapac Jet Sleeve 5pcs

The NEW Jet sleeve comes in packs of 5 and is unbeatable quality and value!
€1.20 incl tax

Mapac Polylite Case in Black

Polylite Case in sizes A1-A3.
€10.90 incl tax

Mapac Professional Presenter

The Mapac Professional Presenter is a stylish display book that’s perfect for showing off your work. With a soft, padded black leather-look cover and 20 fixed polypropylene sleeves with a spiral binding, as well as two interior pockets, it will enhance drawings, photographs or certificates. The Mapac Professional Presenter is available in A3 and A4.
€23.00 incl tax €20.80 incl tax