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Primer for pastels 500ml

A natural coloured, light-resistant and non-aging, very adsorbent primer for working with pastels on greaseless surfaces like wood, metal, canvas or paper (> 350 g/m2 ). Forms an elastic, matt, rough film after drying. Ideal for mixing techniques with watercolours, gouache or acrylic colours. Primer for pastels is ready for the application with a paint roller; for working with a brush please dilute with max. 20% of water.
€21.10 incl tax


A transparent, colourless, light-resistant and nonaging primer for working with AERO COLOR® Professional on non-absorbent surfaces such as plastics and metal. Improves the adhesion properties. AERO GRUND is ready to use. After drying sand down finely and – if necessary – repeat this process.
€14.10 incl tax

Schmincke AERO LACK water-based 250ml

Protective lacquer for paintings with AERO COLOR® Professional. Glossy; colourless; elastic; non-yellowing; dilutable with water, but forms rather quickly a water-resistant film. Also an ideal primer if diluted 1:1 with water and a final sealant for working with AERO COLOR® Professional on leather.
€20.60 incl tax