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Μagnetic Manikin 8''.

Μανεκέν ξύλινο με μαγνητική βάση ύψους 8''.
€6.90 incl tax

Premier Palette box 2

The Ultimate Palette Box is an airtight sealed plastic box which contains internal pans. This is the ultimate in palettes and is perfect to keep your paints fresher and also has more mixing areas than you will probably ever need. The size of the box is 35cm x 25cm x 5.5cm. (14" x 10" x 2")
€16.80 incl tax €9.90 incl tax

Σετ μεταλλικές σπάτουλες

Palette knives set with 5 sizes.
€11.90 incl tax €9.80 incl tax

Palette knives set

Palette knives set with 5 sizes.
€1.90 incl tax

Plastic Tube Squeezer

Length 17cm ,width 7.5cm
€2.90 incl tax

Daler Rowney καθαριστικό πινέλων 250ml

Καθαριστικό υγρό για πινέλα με βάση το νερό χωρίς νέφτι.Άοσμο,περιέχει φυσικά έλαια,αποτελεί τον καλύτερο τρόπο να καθαρίσετε σε βάθος τα πινέλα σας!
€10.80 incl tax

Sinoart Painting Cup

Painting Cup.Dimensions 6,5x9,5cm.
€0.85 incl tax

Water tank brush Sinoart

Water tank brush.It consists of a familiar-looking bunch of bristles at the one end, but the handle isn't solid plastic. Rather it's a container or reservoir designed to hold water. The two bits screw together, and the clip-on cap stops the water leaking out when you're not using the brush.As you use the waterbrush, water gradually seeps down from the reservoir onto the bristles. This means the brush bristles are permanently moist or damp.Ιn 2 sizes.
€2.70 incl tax

Brush stand with palette

Brush stand with palette ,dimensions 16,50x9cm.
€4.90 incl tax

Aluminium palette 061

10 wells, dia.17 mm
€1.90 incl tax