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NOVA oilpainting brush | Series 1870

Made with the finest golden synthetic fibre which results in a combination of great elasticity and durability. Ideal for working on rough surfaces. Da Vinci Nova Flat Oil Brushes Series 1870 are very popular and proven brushes for oil painting but are also ideally suited to translucent acrylic painting. Da Vinci Nova Flat Oil Brushes Series 1870 have extra fine golden synthetic fibres. They have exceptional elasticity and far exceed the lifetime of natural hair brushes, even on rough surfaces. The brushes have long green lacquered handles and seamless silver ferrules.
$4.01 incl tax

Da Vinci SYNTHETIC flat | Series 3374

SYNTHETICS flat elastic grey synthetic fibres seamless aluminium ferrules mat-black lacquered esagonal handles international sizes No. 2 to 16 These universal artist brushes are made of a high quality, elastic, grey synthetic fibre and convince not only by their attractive price but also by their look.
$2.24 incl tax

Kreator Studio πινέλο βερνικώματος 809

Varnish brush from quality synthetic hair. Long handle 32cm
$6.84 incl tax

La Vanche Series 801

Varnish brush from quality synthetic hair.
$6.84 incl tax

Flat brush Synthetic Bristle 8329 Da Vinci

Πινέλο πλακέ με συνθετική, ποιοτική τρίχα Da Vinci, κατάλληλο για ζωγραφική με λάδι άλλα και ακρυλικό.
$1.89 incl tax