Joy Glass Tiles 100gr

Joy glass is made of coloured glass 20x20x4mm. Joy glass is resistant to colour fading, frost, abrasion, acid and alkaline attacks, as well as temperature variations.
  • J10 Pure white
    J10 Pure white
  • J11 Foggy Grey
    J11 Foggy Grey
  • J12 Silver Grey
    J12 Silver Grey
  • J13 Velvet Black
    J13 Velvet Black
  • J20 Light Blue
    J20 Light Blue
  • J21 Pastel Blue
    J21 Pastel Blue
  • J22 Azure
    J22 Azure
  • J23 Royal Blue
    J23 Royal Blue
  • J30 Turquoise
    J30 Turquoise
  • J31 Pastel Green
    J31 Pastel Green
  • J32 Lime Green
    J32 Lime Green
  • J33 Fig Green
    J33 Fig Green
  • J40 Rose
    J40 Rose
  • J41 Terracota
    J41 Terracota
  • J42 Cinnamon
    J42 Cinnamon
  • J43 Chestnut
    J43 Chestnut
  • J50 Sunny Yellow
    J50 Sunny Yellow
  • J51 Orange
    J51 Orange
  • J52 Red
    J52 Red
  • J53 Lavender
    J53 Lavender
$1.89 incl tax
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Ceraton is coloured and fired ceramics and belongs to stoneware. The size is 20x20mm and the thickness is approximately 4mm. It is frost resistant and therefore suitable for indoor, as well as for outdoor use. Ceraton® can be easily cut by mosaic pliers . Besides standard colours, different colour mixes are available.
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Byzantic Mosaic 1x1cm 100gr

Byzantic mosaic is suitable for professional mosaic artwork, as well as for simple handicrafts. Not only children will like this particularity of these tesserae : You don´t need any pliers to cut those tesserae! Byzantic mosaic can be cut with ordinary scissors.Dimensions : 1x1 cm .
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Dona Murano Tiles 100gr

Tile size: 1x2cm (2cm2) Tile thickness: 5mm thick Tiles per m2: Approximately 12-14kg • Original italian smalti • Made by the famous Dona of Spilimbergo • Undulating handmade glass tesserae • Using indirect method may be left ungrouted • Cut using wheeled nippers
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Mosaic plier Μοsaikstein

Universal pliers with carbide cutters for Ceraton, ceramics, Joy glass, Murano glass, Tiffany glass, e.g.
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