Medium & Waterbased Varnish for Acrylics, gloss

Medium and Waterbased Varnish for acrylics is a 2 in 1 product that will appreciate artists making acrylic paintings. Available in Specially formulated medium helps not only thin the paint, making the texture becomes more fluid, easier to apply and distribute, but also increases their grip and resistance. It enhances the degree of transparency, and the surface gains a satin, gently shiny finish. The medium based on the non yellowing acrylic resin should be mixed directly with the paint. Used as a finishing varnish, it gives glossy finish and protects against fading and harmful dust. It is an alternative to traditional solvent based varnishes.
Manufacturer: Renesans
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Oil pastel Renesans

Renesans oil pastels are oil-based. Renesans pastels are soft and easy to use and the individual colours are easy to apply and mix. The intensive colours provide artistic effects and adhere well to the surface. Oil pastels are good for both primed canvas and paper with use of a brush (e.g. bristle or sponge) doused in turpentine. The oil pastel technique offers additional options, like applying thick impasto or scratching. The product range is available in 55 colours individually or in sets.
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Fabriano Watercolor STUDIO 50cm x 70cm, 300gr

The Fabriano Watercolour paper is made of a valuable mixture of lignin free cotton and cellulose. The absence of acid guarantees the inalterability over time of the paper. Produced with 100% of E.C.F. pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free), F.S.C. certified (©1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.) from forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards. It is sized internally and externally, guaranteeing optimal absorbance. The quality/price ratio of this paper guarantees an exceptional offer for students of fine arts schools and beginners. Ideal for watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink and drawing. The surface is cold press.
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Lino Roller-101 4''

Lino Roller with plastic handle ,suitable for Lino & Block Printing.Roller width 10cm.
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Acrilex Metal Colors 37ml

Metal Paint Colors is ideal for application onwood, ceramic, plaster, paper, cardboard,Styrofoam, resin, cork, leather, sandblastedglass, plastics, aluminum, brass and zinc, wherefor decorative purposes. Formulated with acrylic resin, non-toxic, water soluble ink Metal Colors has fast-drying andmetallic finish. It has excellent adhesion andresistance after drying when used on porous materials and properly prepared. Presented in 29 colors miscible, has a metallic finish and shiny, with no need for the applicationof varnish. Metal Colors is formulated with a pigmentselected, giving the paintings a finish of betterquality, more vibrant colors.
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