Vitro 150º 37ml

In order to paint glass, ceramic, porcelain and faience. Wash-resistant. Must be placed at oven for a complete fixation. Available in 12 colors with 37ml pots. How to use: 1. Before aplication, mix well with a brush help 2. Wait 24 hours for a total drying 3. Take it at oven for 30 minutes at 150ºC from temperature 4. Turn off the oven and wait it cool completely before take off the piece
Manufacturer: Acrilex
SKU: A-01140
  • 519 White
    519 White
  • 505 Yellow
    505 Yellow
  • 564 Ocher
    564 Ocher
  • 517 Orange
    517 Orange
  • 549 Purple
    549 Purple
  • 559 Blue
    559 Blue
  • 578 Intense Blue
    578 Intense Blue
  • 510 Green
    510 Green
  • 513 Moss Green
    513 Moss Green
  • 526 Brown
    526 Brown
  • 520 Black
    520 Black
  • 806 Transparent
    806 Transparent
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Fabriano Tiziano coloured sheets Α3,160gr

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Flat hog brush with short handling.
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College® Acrylic 200ml

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