Acrylic painting Brushes

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Extra long Kreator Studio brush 6435

Extra long synthetic hair brush.
$2.95 incl tax

Extra long brush

Synthetic hair brush
$2.95 incl tax

Long brush

Long brush from synthetic hair.Suitable for icon painting,watercolor,acrylics ,gouache ,ink etc.
$3.42 incl tax $2.24 incl tax

Kolibri Series 8405

Brushes serie 8405 are suitable for acrylic and oil. Hair - Stiff dark brown superelastic synthetic bristles Round, pointed hair, silver ferrules, short walnut polished handles
$3.89 incl tax

Kolibri Series 8882

Our paint brushes “black-silver” are best suited for miniature and detail painting with acrylic colors. The black synthetic hair is very elastic and each hair has a perfect tip. The handles lie well in the hand.
$3.89 incl tax

Kolibri Series 7008 CH

Flat brush made of Synthetic Golden Sable suitable for watercolor, oil and acrylic.
$4.07 incl tax

La Vanche Series 2751

Πλακέ πινέλο με σταθερή συνθετική τρίχα. Κατάλληλο για ζωγραφική με λάδια και ακρυλικά.
$2.24 incl tax

La Vanche Series 2752

Flat synthetic hair brush suitable for acylics and oil.
$2.24 incl tax

La Vanche Series 3325

Βrush from Kollinsky hair.Suitable for watercolor,ink,acrylic and oil.
$3.19 incl tax