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Carbothello Pastel Pencils

Made in Germany by STABILO, Carbothello highly pigmented pastel pencils can be blended dry or with water. High pigmentation guarantees strong brilliance and covering power, as well as light-fastness and color brilliance. Dry and dusty stroke, as with charcoal or chalk. For fine lines and details. Can be dry mixed and blended. Colour pigments can be painted with water. Thanks to soft lead, also suitable for use with sensitive drawing papers. High brilliance, even on dark backgrounds. Can be fixed with fixative.
€1.60 incl tax

Schmincke varnish for water-colours, 60ml

Varnish for technical water-colour proceedings. Protects against dust and humidity. Glossy; colourless; non-yellowing; very fast drying; based on alcohol. (Attention: don´t mix with varnishes based on mineral spirit; brushes to be cleaned with alcohol; intensifies colour tones and increases transparency of watercolour papers!) For fixator/atomizer!
€8.90 incl tax

Silicone Pottery Rib Set

Whether you are throwing clay on the wheel, hand building or sculpting, the pottery rib is a classic and essential tool. It acts as an extension of the potters hand to create shapes and surfaces that fingers alone can not achieve.
€7.60 incl tax

Mussini small wooden box, with 10x 35 ml tubes, white in 150 ml, painting medium, charcoal and 2 brushes

Colors: 216 - Lemon yellow 223 - Indian yellow 346 - madder lacquer deep 364 - vermilion red tone 490 - Prussian/Parisian blue 491 - Ultramarine blue light 526 - sap green 656 - Light ocher Attic 666 - Natural burnt umber 780 - Ivory Black + 103 - Titanium opaque white (150 ml) Painting medium: Linseed oil stand oil (50005) in 60 ml
€199.80 incl tax

PrintMakingBoard 150 gr, 53x78 cm

This heavy weight, supple board is ideal for all forms of intaglio and lithography applications. The board’s matt, smooth, life-like surface produces particularly effective prints.
€2.95 incl tax

Expression Watercolour, 50x65 cm, 300 gr.

The Expression Watercolour is a natural white, 100% cotton 300 gsm paper for all wet painting techniques and etching, and features internal and surface sizing. Colours stand out excellently on the paper and impress with their natural brilliance, thus giving every subject its very own unique presence. Masking fluids or masking tape can be used and removed residue-free. While wet colours can be easily corrected or taken off. Expression Watercolour is acid and lignin free, light-resistant and features extreme longevity. The cold pressed surface is eraser-resistant due to the surface sizing.
€4.60 incl tax

PrintMakingBoard 230gr, 78x106cm

This heavy weight, supple board is ideal for all forms of intaglio and lithography applications. The board’s matt, smooth, life-like surface produces particularly effective prints.
€7.10 incl tax

24 Deep Wells Airtight Plastic Palette

24 deep wells, with additional mixing palette Dimensions: 10.5x18.5x3cm Material: plastic Silicone latex seal design, leak proof and airtight. Enables watercolor, gouache, acrylic or oil stay wet, great for travel artist. Thumb hole designed under the box. A good paint palette helps keep all of your colors separated to avoid unwanted blending and gives you a space to blend without creating a mess.
€8.80 incl tax

Acrylic Palette Rectangular Transparent

Acrylic Palette Rectangular Transparent, 25x35cm.
€4.85 incl tax

Wooden Large French Field Studio Sketch Box Easel

Size: 72x114x180cm Each with a wooden palette & carry strap Drawer for brushes, paints and other accessories Hold canvas up to 85cm Ideal for outdoor oil and watercolor painting Weight: 5kgs A classically designed large French style field and studio sketch box easel that converts into a high tripod painting stand easel with a storage drawer. Sturdy lightweight tripod sketch box easel that can be adjusted to any incline angle position depending on the need.
€92.00 incl tax

Premier Artist Cotton Apron

Material: Pure cotton Multi tool pocket for smart phone, brushes, pen, etc. Fashion design with key chain/headphone loops, real leather accessary, adjustable strap Size: 67Wx72Lcm
€19.20 incl tax

Hole Cutter Puncher Stainless Steel And Wood Circular Pottery & Ceramic Tool, 4 pcs set

Dia. : 2.2cm, 1.3cm, 0.85cm, 0.3cm Material: wood and stainless steel Package includes 4 pcs different diameter hole cutter.Sharp polished metal cutting tubes with wood hand.Consists of 4 different sizes for different hole making needs.Suitable for pottery, polymers, clay, rubber, paper clay, etc.Be used for punching, scraping and marking of clay.
€5.60 incl tax

Porcelain palette, 10 dwells

Size 11x19cm
€11.60 incl tax

Porcelain palette, 6 dwells

Size 200x80x20mm
€16.80 incl tax

Travel brush Renesans

This Travel Brush is made of a high-quality mixture of synthetic and natural bristles. The pocket brush will be perfect for painting outdoors and while traveling. The brush bristles are hidden in a metal, foldable housing, which perfectly protects them against damage. The cap can be placed on the brush body to extend it. The brush is made of a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles (squirrel imitation).
€8.60 incl tax

Pottery banding wheel

Ατσάλινος, επιτραπέζιος τροχός κεραμικής. Διαθέτει βάση από χυτοσίδηρο με αντιολισθητική λαστιχένια επένδυση. Χρήσιμο εργαλείο σε πολλές εργασίες συντήρησης, όπως συμπλήρωση και αισθητική αποκατάσταση κεραμικών αγγείων, καθώς παρέχει εύκολη και άμεση πρόσβαση σε κάθε σημείο του αντικειμένου. Διατίθεται σε δύο μεγέθη με διάμετρο 18 και 30 cm.
€68.90 incl tax €62.00 incl tax

Da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes

da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes are ideal for writing and drawing fine lines and edges. The strong, springy synthetic fibres combine the properties of hair and bristles. These da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes guarantee a clean line edge and a reliable brush tip. The longer bristles absorb the paint well and dose it evenly. The handle is coated in water-based paint and has a barely noticeable flattening at its thickest point which prevents rolling away. da Vinci Forte Synthetics Series 263 Rigger Brushes are especially suitable for painting rough surfaces such as wood, cardboard, porcelain, ceramics etc.
€5.70 incl tax